Hillary Peckham co-founded Etain, LLC, the only women-owned business to receive one of the five competitive medical marijuana licenses in New York State. When awarded the license at 24 years old, this made Hillary the youngest person ever to receive one a competitive marijuana license in the United States. Hillary and her co-founders built an application and operations strategy founded on small-scale, deliverable plans with room to grow and a commitment to economic development as well as quality of life for patients in New York State. Etain opened it's dispensaries to patients within five months of being awarded a license, with more products that any other marijuana company in New York, and is the second company to open all four of it's allocated dispensing locations around New York State. In addition to her role as owner, Hillary is the Chief Operating Officer and oversees all operations for Etain, LLC at their manufacturing and four dispensing locations.  She is the acting spokeswoman for the company as well as liaison between Etain, LLC and the NYS Department of Health