Jyoti Singhvi is the CEO of the couture fine jewelry brand JYOTI, which is based on Jyoti's family heritage of about 150 years. JYOTI jewelry has been worn by queens and princess along with celebrities like Amy Poehler, Natasha Bedingfield, Chandra Wilson, Felicia Rashad, and Andry Makarevich. Her jewelry is available at luxury stores like Neiman Marcus.

As 7th generation in the jewelry industry she grew up with the most magnificent jewels imaginable. She furthered her interest in jewelry by working at venerable brands such as Cartier. Jyoti has a Masters inPublic Administration from Harvard and an MBA from MIT. Magazines such as Businessweek, Four Seasons Weddings have written about JYOTI. She is philanthropically involved with organizations such as: The Harvard Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative affiliated The Resolution Project, and Glamour Gals.

Jyoti believes that everyone has a fascinating story which must be cherished and honored. Therefore she designs each JYOTI creation with a focus on YOU! Her goal is to celebrate your incredible story. The result is a breathtaking jewel that emotionally connects you with your most momentous experiences, your dearest loved ones, and your most cherished dreams.

Jyoti's intellectual creativity sets her apart from other designers. She innovates each piece with purpose and intelligence, infusing it with her passion for life and her penchant for storytelling. Marrying the intricacies of hand-craftsmanship with the marvels of engineering, she designed jewelry that is truly awe-inspiring

The DNA of the brand comes from her family's 150 years of heritage in jewelry, and the designer takes some immense pride in one-of-a-kind custom bespoke men's and women's jewelry which is actually designed with you to tell your personal story and to fit your lifestyle. JYOTI also loves designing absolutely extraordinary custom anniversary rings and engagement rings which bring a couple's love story to life. Each jews is so unique that it goes beyond buying commercialized jewelry...there is no better way to celebrate your life and leave behind your legacy for generations to come.

Jyoti is a classically trained dancer in her free time, and likes to Practice and teach dance. She also enjoys singing, creating art in different media, decorating, entertaining, and traveling.