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Mickey works in the intersection between real estate, business, social entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation. She is the 3rd generation in a family of real estate developers. And acts as The Vice President and Head of Strategic Partnerships for both her family office and family foundation, The Jacob & Anita Penzer Foundation.

She has a bachelors and masters in accounting from NYU Stern School of Business, a Law Degree from Fordham and is admitted to practice law in NYS.

Until recently Mickey led business development and compliance for LIFE Trusts, a division of LIFE—a non-profit organization that provides an array of social service programs to underserved communities across New York. Her mother is the Executive director and LIFE and she remains involved. Through this work she and her family are on the ground floor of issues facing these constituencies.

Mickey is combining her experience in social services and government funders with her knowledge of the real estate business and connections in the not for profit and Philanthropic communities to help tackle systemic issues holistically in low income/affordable housing, poverty alleviation, community building and adjacent issues.  Innovative, sustainable and regenerative real estate is a passion of hers. One of the schools LIFE runs, Bushwick Montessori. Is on the ground floor of a passive house building and her aim is to bring energy saving and environmentally friendly techniques to the forefront of the industry. She and her partner, Ben Sakhai are launching a fund to act as a vehicle for people specifically interested in investing in these areas.

Connecting with others is truly her passion and she welcomes new connections interested in these topics to learn, partner, collaborate or even just share ideas on sustainable solution to poverty alleviation. She is an anchor and pollinates communities wherever she goes. She is a member of Jewish Funders Network and supports many charities Jewish and beyond Including, but not limited to AIPAC, The Brownstone, OneTable, RobinHood Foundation, UJA Federation.  She is also a member of The Forbes NonProfit Council and Bisnow Ascent. An Intrepreneur and problem solver by nature, she likes being a part of something bigger than herself and working in partnership with quality people to accomplish big goals.